Posted on Friday 9th November, 2018

The Hunter Western Hornets Touch Association would like to congratulate the following players who have been selected to represent our region at the 2019 National Touch League (NTL) in our regional representative sides.


The 2019 NTL will be held from Wednesday 13 to Saturday 16 March 2019.


Mens Open Team

Alex Langbridge – Doyalson TA

Bayley Ritchie – Beresfield TA

Clay Studdon – Doyalson TA

Daniel Langbridge – Doyalson TA

Dylan Thompson – Doyalson TA

Jack Edwards – Beresfield TA

Jake Fitzpatrick – Doyalson TA

Jarrod Rotumah – Doyalson TA

Jessie Jenkins – Doyalson TA

Josh Glachan – Doyalson TA

Josh Moffitt – Central Coast TA

Kurt Donoghue – Doyalson TA

Lincoln Little – Doyalson TA

Matt Atkins – Beresfield TA

Mitch Wilton – Doyalson TA

Scott Bundy – Doyalson TA


Coach: Karely Banks

Assistant Coast: Lindsey Brain

Manager: Michelle Unterheiner




Womens Open Team

Amber Cheney – Newcastle City TA

Andi Law – Nelson Bay TA

Angel Barber – Newcastle City TA

Brittany Coe – Newcastle City TA

Chelsea Hindmarsh – Newcastle City TA

Chloe Coe – Newcastle City TA

Georgia Corbett – Doyalson TA

Jessica Potts – Newcastle City TA

Lilly Goodchild – Newcastle City TA

Lily Unterrheiner – Beresfield TA

Maddison McManus – Newcastle City TA

Milly Hughes – Central Coast TA

Sam Atkins – Newcastle City TA

Sian Filipo – Newcastle City TA

Tazmyne Luschwitz – Newcastle City TA

Teearna Langbridge – Doyalson TA


Coach Scott Oliver

Assistant Coach: Erin Hardes

Manager: TBC



Mixed Open (A) Team

Amy Dufour – Newcastle City TA

Ashley Miller – Newcastle City TA

Blake Potts – Beresfield TA

Brandon Moore – Nelson Bay TA

Brooke Carroll – Newcastle City TA

Cody Frost – Central Coast TA

Connor Edwards – Beresfield TA

Danielle Burcher – Nelson Bay TA

Kiara Dixon – Nelson Bay TA

Maddison Ingram – Newcastle City TA

Mark Tipple – Central Coast TA

Reeve Howard – Beresfield TA

Ryan Potts – Beresfield TA

Tim Boney-Stewart – Nelson Bay TA

Todd Edmund – Nelson Bay TA

Verdelh Antonio – Nelson Bay TA


Coach: Jay Miller

Assistant Coast: Tom Taylor

Manager: TBC



Mixed Open (B) Team

Abbey Malsem – Nelson Bay TA

Ashlee Urpeth – Singleton Junior TA

Daniel Cave – Newcastle City TA

Erin Clark – Nelson Bay TA

Ethan Kenny – Beresfield TA

Georgia Watts – Muswellbrook TA

Harry West – Maitland TA

Jocelyn Kelleher – Berkeley Vale TA

Jye Ireland – Beresfield TA

Liam Squires – Newcastle City TA

Martin Roberts – Maitland TA

Ryan Moore – Orange TA

Ty Schafer – Newcastle City TA

Remaining players to be announced in due course…


Coach: Craig Harris

Assistant Coast: TBC

Manager: TBC


Womens 30’s Team

Erin Farah – Central Coast TA

Erin Hardes – Wallsend TA

Jacqui Simpson – Scone TA

Kelly Nicholas – Nelson Bay TA

Kerry Reynolds – Mudgee TA

Krystal Laughton – Dubbo TA

Michelle Sproule – Nelson Bay TA

Mikhaela Darcy – Newcastle City TA

Nic Grose – Dubbo TA

Serena Prout – Dubbo TA

Sophie Crouch – Maitland TA

Zoe Parish – Wallsend TA


Coach: Nic Grose

Assistant Coach: TBC

Manager: TBC


Mens 40’s Team

Ben McCarthy – Beresfield TA

Calvin Mitchell – Nelson Bay TA

Darren McSpadden – Beresfield TA

David Caldwell – Newcastle City TA

David Toohey – Beresfield TA

Ian Doherty – Nelson Bay TA

Iftikah Ahmad – Beresfield TA

Jason Toby – Beresfield TA

Jeremy Burgess – Newcastle City TA

Les Smith – Beresfield TA

Matthew Stanton – Beresfield TA

Patrick Doyle – Beresfield TA

Richie Edwards – Beresfield TA

Tim Nicholls – Nelson Bay TA

Wayne Hill – Orange TA


Coach: Darren McSpadden

Assistant Coach: TBC

Manager: Andrew Moore



Womens 40’s Team

Anna O’Connor – Nelson Bay TA

Chantal Byrnes – Nelson Bay TA

Fiona Jones – Wallsend TA

Heidi McTernan – Central Coast TA

Julie Robinson – Maitland TA

Karen Tucker – Peninsula TA

Katrina Hunter – Wallsend TA

Kellie-Jean Johnston – Wallsend TA

Liberty Watters – Wallsend TA

Meagan Hatch – Newcastle City TA

Melissa Lidbury – Maitland TA

Nicole Mitchell – Nelson Bay TA

Rebecca Jackson – Newcastle City TA


Coach: Natalie Little

Assistant Coach: TBC

Manager: TBC



Mens 45’s Team

Andrew Backhouse – Maitland TA

Andrew Fishlock – Maitland TA

Chris Daley – Newcastle City TA

Darren Wills – Maitland TA

Darren Wise – Nelson Bay TA

Dean McManus – Newcastle City TA

Grant Kenny – Wallsend TA

Greg Gallagher – Wallsend TA

Lee Stevens – Newcastle City TA

Mark Huff – Newcastle City TA

Michael Barker – Newcastle City TA

Neil Marshall – Newcastle City TA

Stephen Gallagher – Newcastle City TA

Steven Hepburn – Newcastle City TA


Coach: Steve Hepburn

Assistant Coach: TBC

Manager: TBC


Womens 45’s Team

Anne-Maree Shipman – Wallsend TA

Cathy Goodlock – Orange TA

Doreen Kearney – Wallsend TA

Haylene Grogan – Newcastle City TA

Janelle Frost – Wallsend TA

Jo Smith – Central Coast TA

Joanne Kelleher – Central Coast TA

Kylie Wilkinson – Central Coast TA

Leanne West – Newcastle City TA

Mandy Moore – Orange TA

Michelle Atkins – Wallsend TA

Nahima Knight – Central Coast TA

Shelly Rush-Nichols – Maitland TA

Therese Black – Newcastle City TA

Toni Payne – Central Coast TA


Coach: Mandy Moore

Assistant Coach: TBC

Manager: TBC



Mens 50’s Team

Eugene Bray – Lithgow TA

Glenn Mainey – Wallsend TA

Heemi McGarvey – Wallsend TA

Howard Tredinnick – Newcastle City TA

Jon Baker – Wallsend TA

Paul Glasson – Lithgow TA

Peter Anderson – Newcastle City TA

Peter Knowles – Wallsend TA

Peter Martin – Parkes TA

Roy Urpeth – Beresfield TA

Sean Cotter – Nelson Bay

Terry O’Carroll – Newcastle City

Remaining players to be announced in due course…


Coach: Eugene Bray

Assistant Coach: TBC

Manager: TBC



Mixed 30’s Team

Adam Hogan – Newcastle City TA

Amanda White – Newcastle City TA

Aylee Brain – Newcastle City TA

Benji Watts – Newcastle City TA

Hayden Ryan-Hill – Newcastle City TA

Jarrod Cook – Nelson Bay TA

Joyce Chan – Newcastle City TA

Luke Grills – Maitland TA

Lydia Jordan – Newcastle City TA

Peta Stevens – Newcastle City TA

Rob White – Newcastle City TA

Robbie Glanfield – Newcastle City TA

Shannon Miller – Maitland TA

Simone Wood – Newcastle City TA


Coach: Rob White

Assistant Coach: TBC

Manager: TBC




NO TEAMS will be fielded in the following divisions: Mens 30’s, 55’s, 60’s, Mixed 40’s.



For any player who may have missed out on selection, and wishes to seek formal feedback, a request for feedback can be sent to