The NSW Hunter Western Hornets are committed to continually improving our inclusion for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Intersex and Queer/Questioning (LGBTIQ+) individuals within our sport and region. 


We’re committed to the inclusion of LGBTQI+ people in touch football

For the first time ever, Hornets Touch participated in the national Pride in Sport Index.

The Pride in Sport Index is an initiative of the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Sport Australia.  

The Pride in Sport Index™ (PSI) is the first and only benchmarking instrument specifically designed to assess the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LGBTI) people within Australian sport and sporting organisations. Participating in the index will allow Australian sporting organisations to not only assess their own practice, but determine that which constitutes good practice, along with the ability to benchmark their own initiatives against an external measure and other sporting organisations.


Why LGBTIQ+ inclusion?

Hornets are committed to improving LGBTIQ+ inclusion in touch football, as we recognise that sport more broadly has a largely negative culture when it comes to homophobia and transphobia. Our ultimate goal is to provide a 100% inclusive sport for people with a different sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexuality. 





Action items for you and your club

Your club can help ensure it is welcoming for everyone by delivering on some of the following actions:

  1. Use inclusive and gender-neutral language  in all your communications (written and verbal. E.g. invite partners rather than husbands/wives to social events)
  2. Lead by example – Take action against homophobic language as soon as you’re made aware of it (including calling out casual language, such as ‘homo’, ‘fag’, ‘poof’, ‘dyke’)

  3. Show visibility – an entry level form of engagement can be as simple as promoting a Diversity Day to show a simple level of inclusion.

  4. Become an Ally – an active partner, friend, and visible supporter. Someone who works specifically to include LGBTI players, coaches, and/or fans in the club. Show your individual visibility through wearing a subtle piece of merchandise.

  5. Participate or partner with your local or state Pride/health organisations – there are many organisations that are keen to assist clubs in running events and training to increase awareness in creating an inclusive club for the LGBTI+ community.