Barry Nichol

Year Inducted: 2008

For almost two decades, Barry has been the head Trainer of our Hornets Representative sides – treating injuries and supporting our athletes on the road to recovery. Barry’s dedication and contribution to our region has been recognised by three generations of touch footballers from across the state. Putting in long hours at all regional, state and national events, Barry is recognised as one of the true stalwarts of touch football trainers in the country – known by many people in almost all regions of the country.

Barry is a true Hornets family member, and a most worthy recipient of Hornets Life Membership.

Don Green

Year Inducted: 2008

Don Green has been a stalwart for the sport of touch football in NSW and beyond. His service to western NSW touch football has been instrumental, and is considered one of the best selectors in the country, with a mass of experience in selecting from local club, CHS, regional, state and national selections during his time with the sport. Don was recognised for his dedication to junior touch football in western NSW, by having the Hornets Western Junior Championships named in his honour. Now known as the Don Green Western Junior Championships, of which he still plays a vital role in the events success. Don is an extremely valued member of our region.

Don Green is one of the most worthy individuals to be awarded Life Membership with Hornets.

Kevin ‘Jim’ Yeo

Year Inducted: 2008

Jim’s involvement in the sport far exceeds that of many of his fellow countrymen. From grass roots touch football, all the way to the very top at international level, Jim has poured an immense amount of his life into the game we love so dearly.

Beginning in Mudgee is the early 1980’s Jim’s passion for the game grew after playing for Mudgee and the Western Region (Region 2) in Mens 30’s and 35’s at various championships and titles over the years. But it wasn’t until the mid-1980’s that he found his real passion in the game… refereeing.

For many years he has held various roles and assisted with the overall development, promotion and ambassadorship of touch football in the Hornets Region, New South Wales and Australia. Before the regions merged, he was the Regional Director of the Western Region. He held a resilient position on the NSW Touch Association Board of Directors, as the Finance Director and has also been an inspiring member of the Hunter Western Hornets Regional Committee for several years.

Dawn Redman

Year Inducted: 2009

An exceptional member of Hornets, Dawn Redman was inducted as a Life Member at the 2009 Annual General Meeting for her years of service to all arms. Dawn has held key roles in Hornets Touch, including Techncial Director, Tournament Director, Assistant Regional Director and Regional Director of Referees.

Dawn was ranked as a State Graded touch football referee in 1986 (#93 in NSW). Her efforts on and off the field were key to her success in the game we love so much. In addition to her refereeing career, Dawn also progressed into an experienced and well sought after representative coach, taking the lead role for many Hornets Rep teams at NTL’s and NYC’s over the years. Dawn is a deserved Life Member of Hornets Touch Association.

Debbie Sault

Year Inducted: 2009

Inducted in 2009 as a Life Member of Hornets Touch, Debbie Sault is an unsung hero in the sport, and has played a key role in the coaching and selecting of Hornets representative teams over the decades. Initially coming into the game as an active player, Debbie used her experience of the game trends to grow and develop others through her roles as a Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager of a range of Hornets Rep teams.

Debbie has held many roles in our sport, and notably played a key part in Hornets Touch as our Regional Director of Coaching, providing key support and leadership to all Hornets rep coaches, and players alike. Debbie has served Hornets Touch for many years, and is an extremely deserving recipient of Life Membership.

Rod Bruce

Year Inducted: 2009

Rods involvement in Hornets Touch has made an exceptional impact on our progress and overall leadership in regional touch football. As a long term Regional Director for Hornets, Rod played a key role in the leadership and direction of Hornets touch. His input towards governance and structural management and coordination was regularly linked to the successful running of our region. Rod is a deserving Life Member of Hornets Touch Association.

Kim Miller

Year Inducted: 2010

Kim Miller has played a key role in Hornets Touch, through holding positions such as Regional Director of Coaching and Regional Director. Through his long and dedicated service, Hornets have seen an increase in membership and support to affiliates association, plus a rise in the success of our Hornets on field performance at NTL’s and NYC’s.

Through Kim’s leadership, Hornets have been proud to receive the Region of the Year Award, several times, and much thanks to his leadership and promotion of ownership of individual’s tasks so they achieve their very best. Kim is a proud long serving member of our region, and a worthy recipient of Life Membership.

Reg Walker

Year Inducted: 2015

Reg was involved in playing in and the selecting of representative teams for the old Western (Region 2) Region until its amalgamation with the Hunter Region, which formed the Hunter/Western Hornets Region (1998).

With Western Region he held the position of Director of Selectors for a number of years until taking on the role of Director of Finance in the final years before amalgamation with the Hunter Region. He became a Level 1 Selector in 1987 and a Level 2 Selector in 1990. He is also a level 1 Selector Course Presenter.

Since the formation of the Hunter/Western Hornets he has been actively involved in selecting both Junior and Senior representative teams and is currently Co-Director of Selectors for Hornets. He has also been involved in coaching junior representative teams, especially the 14 Boys Hornets teams in 2008 to 2010.

In the mid 1990’s he was involved in selecting Australian representative teams, and has been involved in selecting NSW representative squads and teams since the early 90’s in various divisions as a State Selector up to the 2014 State of Origin and held the role of Team Leader for the Women’s 35’s for the 2012 State of Origin.

Beau Newell

Year Inducted: 2018

Beau has been a strong supporter of Hornets Touch since joining the Regional Referee Panel in 2002. After beginning as the Junior Referee Convener, he quickly became entrenched in the happenings of the Referee Panel and his referee career. In 2004, Beau was awarded his State Grading (Level 4), and quickly became a qualified Referee Coach and Course Presenter.

In 2004, Beau also stepped up his involvement and was elected as the Assistant Regional Director and Media Manager for the Hunter Western Hornets. This lead to Hornets being a pioneer in online media and communications, with a well established website and the gradual introduction of all social media platforms, which Beau lead.

Continuing his involvement in the Referee Panel during this time, Beau was soon elected at the Regional Director of Referees, where he held the position from 2008 to 2018 (11 years). During this time the quality of referees across the region rose exponentially, likewise with the referee culture that we see today, all of which was lead by Beau and his team of panel members. Additionally, Beau was one of the key individuals to create much fo what is the Hornets Governance framework from policies and procedures to the advocacy and promotion of diversity, inclusion and respect within our region.

Beau is one of our most decorated Life Members having held various positions across the sport, as well as achieving Life Membership of Wallsend Touch Association, a former staff member of NSW Touch Football, and International Touch Referee, with 25 caps for Australia, former State of Origin Referee, and National Referee Coach. Beau is a deserving inclusion into the Hornets Life Membership.