The Hunter Western Region was established back in 1998 to facilitate Touch in the Region.

The Region is an amalgamation of two Regions from the “old” 10 Regional structure (HUNTER & WESTERN) that New South Wales Touch Association used to operate under.

While the governing state body (NSW Touch Football Association) manages most aspects of the development and support for affiliates/clubs across the state, the Hornets have its own volunteer management committee who operate all aspects within regional control. Such as management and operational logistics of regional based tournaments, coordination, selection and fielding of teams to compete at a national level, the recruitment, development and coaching of referees, selectors and player coaches via respective technical arms, and the general support and guidance of affiliates in a range of other areas.

Since establishment, Hornets have always supported the efforts of those volunteers who spend countless hours of their time, dedicated to the sport we love.

Those who have held office bearer positions with Hornets are listed on the PDF icon, below. Click the icon to view the Honour Roll for our region.

(As of November 2018)