Posted on Sunday 24th October, 2021




Hunter Western Hornets are pleased to announce our coaching staff for our 2022 NTL teams. Congratulations to all successful coaching staff on their appointment.

Various coaching staff vacancies exist within these teams, please refer to the lists below for all vacancies.

We all also looking for coaching staff for the following divisions: W27, M40, M55, M60

If you are interested in any of these vacant roles, please contact our Coaching Director by email

Men’s Open

Head Coach – Karley Banks

Assistant Coach – Matt Richards

Manager – Sheralee Langbridge

Women’s Open 

Head Coach – Natalie Little

Assistant Coach – Belinda Caruso

Manager – Tina Wilson

Mixed Open

Head Coach – Craig Harris

Assistant Coach – Vacant

Manager – Michelle Unterheiner

All Abilities

Head Coach – Tony Kable

Assistant Coach – Meg Jackson

Manager – Becc Jackson

Men’s Open B

Head Coach – Lindsey Brain

Assistant Coach – Les Smith

Manager – Vacant

Women’s 20’s

Head Coach – Tom Taylor

Assistant Coach – Erin Hardes

Manager – Vacant

Men’s 20’s

Head Coach – Mitch Walkaden

Assistant Coach – Vacant

Manager – Vacant

Men’s 30’s

Head Coach – Anthony Tipple

Assistant Coach – Darren Nosti

Manager – Vacant

Mixed 30’s

Head Coach – Rob White

Assistant Coach – Vacant

Manager – Amanda White 

Women’s 35’s

Head Coach – Jacqui Simpson

Assistant Coach – Sophie Crouch

Manager – Vacant

Women’s 40’s

Head Coach – Wayne Gould

Assistant Coach – Liberty Little

Manager – Nic Grose

Men’s 45’s

Head Coach – Darren McSpadden

Assistant Coach – Jason Toby

Manager – Andrew Wilson

Women’s 45’s

Head Coach – Nicole Mitchell

Assistant Coach – Vacant

Manager – Vacant

Men’s 50’s

Head Coach – Steven Hepburn

Assistant Coach – Neil Marshall

Manager – Jo O’Connell

Women’s 50’s

Head Coach – Therese Black

Assistant Coach – Shelly Rush-Nichols

Manager – Vacant