Posted on Tuesday 1st January, 2019

At the 2018 Hornets Planning Meeting (Sat 28 July 2018), several robust discussions were had by attending members about the need for higher level (elite) touch football in the Hornets region, to ensure the athletes of our region are exposed to high level games of touch football, and remain competitive across the state.

From these discussions, the proposal of a Hornets Super Series was discussed and put forward to the membership for their feedback. Initial feedback was sought during the online registration process of the 2018 Hornets Championships, which composed of four simple survey questions with multiple choice answers. Those questions and possible answers were:

  1. Would you support/compete in such a competition?
    • Yes – I would support and compete
    • Yes – I would support but NOT compete
    • No – I do not support
    • No preference
  2. Would you prefer teams to be selected by a draft system or would you prefer to enter the competition as an existing rep side?
    • Enter as an existing rep side
    • Player draft process
    • No preference
  3. When do you believe would be the best time of year to run this competition (thinking about 2019)?
    • 1st Quarter (Jan-Feb-Mar)
    • 2nd Quarter (Apr-May-Jun)
    • 3rd Quarter (Jul-Aug-Sep)
    • 4th Quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec)
    • No preference
  4. Would you prefer the competition to be played out on a week night or a weekend time slot?
    • Play on a weekend
    • Play on a weeknight
    • No preference


Here is a summary of the survey results:

Of the 277 people who said yes they would compete, these were the additional responses:

In total – only six (6) individuals provided additional notes.


What’s next?

Now that we have these results, there will be one final opportunity for feedback:


Players have the additional opportunity to provide feedback or ideas around the Hornets Super Series proposal. This must be via email and in a constructive dialogue that will assist the Board in making a decision on whether to proceed with the concept, alter it, pause all progress or withdraw the concept all together.


Feedback is due by 5:00pm FRIDAY 11 JANUARY 2019

Send your feedback directly to –


All additional feedback will be collated and included in the findings for consideration.


LETS BE CLEAR – this is only a proposal at this point in time, and there can be no guarantees of any kind that this proposal will proceed, unless agreed to by the Hornets Board.


Please take this opportunity to be involved in the Hornets elite representative future.