Posted on Thursday 25th October, 2018

Hornets would like to congratulate the players selected in the Mens, Womens and Mixed Open Squads.


Squad Members are required to attend the Hornets Trial Day.

WHEN: Saturday 3 November 2018

WHERE: Newcastle City TA Playing Fields (294 Turton Rd, New Lambton NSW 2304)

TIMES: Various

ATTIRE: Please wear your affiliate rep uniform/jersey with number.


Full details about the trial schedule can be found HERE 



For the 2019 NTL, Hornets will be fielding our best players possible in the MO, WO and MXO divisions. In addition, to further develop player pathways, as additional MXO team will be selected.

As the MO and WO teams will be announced shortly after the trial, any player who was unsuccessful is encouraged to stay and trial for the Mixed Open division (2 teams) later that day.

Further information will be communicated with players on the day of the trial.




Matt Atkins – Beresfield TA

Scott Bundy – Doyalson TA

Luke Cain – Central Coast TA

Tom Dafter – Doyalson TA

Blake Dennis – Doyalson TA

Kurt Donoghue – Doyalson TA

Conner Edwards – Beresfield TA

Jack Edwards – Beresfield TA

Jake Fitzpatrick – Doyalson TA

Cody Frost – Central Coast TA

Ben Glachan – Doyalson TA

Josh Glachan – Doyalson TA

Jye Ireland – Beresfield TA

Jessie Jenkins – Doyalson TA

Kyle Jermyn – Central Coast TA

Damee Kea – Doyalson TA

Ethan Kenny – Beresfield TA

Alex Langbridge – Doyalson TA

Daniel Langbridge – Doyalson TA

Lincoln Little – Doyalson TA

Josh Moffit – Central Coast TA

Nick Newman – Doyalson TA

Blake Potts – Beresfield TA

Ryan Potts – Beresfield TA

Bayley Ritchie – Beresfield TA

Jarrad Rotumah – Doyalson TA

Liam Squires – Newcastle TA

Clay Studden – Doyalson TA

Dylan Thompson – Doyalson TA

Floyd Tighe – Beresfield TA

Mitchell Wilton – Doyalson TA



Victoria Aoake – Newcastle City TA

Kallie Atkins – Newcastle City TA

Sam Atkins – Newcastle City TA

Angel Barber – Newcastle City TA

Jade Bendeich – Wallsend TA

Amber Cheney – Newcastle City TA

Erin Clarke – Beresfield TA

Chloe Coe – Newcastle City TA

Brittany Coe – Newcastle City TA

Georgia Corbett – Doyalson TA

Erin Cullen – Doyalson TA

Kirra Dibbs – Central Coast TA

Lucy Dillon – Peninsula TA

Amy Dufour – Newcastle City TA

Sian Filipo – Newcastle City TA

Lily Goodchild – Newcastle City TA

Teah Goodhand – Doyalson TA

Chelsea Hindmarsh – Newcastle City TA

Isabella Houston – Central Coast TA

Milly Hughes – Doyalson TA

Ainsley Hughes – Central Coast TA

Alexis Jeffs – Beresfield TA

Rachel Jeffs – Newcastle City TA

Jocelyn Kelleher – Doyalson TA

Olivia Kernick – Doyalson TA

Laura Knight – Central Coast TA

Teearna Langbridge – Doyalson TA

Andi Law – Nelson Bay TA

Tazmyne Luschwitz – Newcastle City TA

Alicia Martin – Maitland TA

Maddison McManus – Newcastle City TA

Jassmin Mihell – Newcastle City TA

Rachael Mortell – Central Coast TA

Jessica Potts – Newcastle City TA

Amy Regal – Central Coast TA

Madelein Robinson – Newcastle City TA

Shannon Rose – Central Coast TA

Lily Unterrheiner – Beresfield TA

Ashlee Urpeth – Muswellbrook TA

Jasmine Wolfe – Peninsula TA



Verdelh Antonio – Nelson Bay TA

Jason Boney – Maitland TA

Tim Boney – Nelson Bay TA

Danielle Burcher – Nelson Bay TA

Brooke Carroll – Newcastle City TA

Nicholas Caruso – Newcastle TA

Daniel Cave – Newcastle TA

Kiara Dixon – Nelson Bay TA

Ìndia Draper – Parkes TA

Todd Edmund – Nelson Bay TA

Daniel Ellis – Muswellbrook TA

Raymond Fuller – Maitland TA

Joseph Gaynor – Newcastle City TA

Luke Grills – Newcastle City TA

Ella-J Harris – Orange TA

Reeve Howard – Beresfield TA

Maddison Ingram – Newcastle City TA

Krystal Laughton – Dubbo TA

Abbey Malsem – Nelson Bay TA

Chenoyah Merchant – Orange TA

Ashley Miller – Newcastle City TA

Brandon Moore – Nelson Bay TA

Ryan Moore – Orange TA

Tremaine Rankmore – Maitland TA

Martin Roberts – Maitland TA

Steven Sarayeldin – Peninsula TA

Tye Schafer – Newcastle TA

Elizabeth Skillen – Maitland TA

Shelby Snowden – Beresfield TA

Mark Tipple – Central Coast TA

Josh Unterrheiner – Newcastle TA

Taya Wedesweiler – Newcastle City TA

Harry West – Maitland TA

Erin White – Beresfield TA