Posted on Saturday 7th November, 2020

Hunter Western Hornets are pleased to announce their teams which will compete at the 2021 National Touch League at Coffs Harbour.

Please note that teams may have selected shadow players, who will be contacted by coaching staff, should they wish for shadows to have the opportunity to attend team training sessions.


Matt Atkins
Tom Dafter
Connor Edwards
Jack Edwards
Jake Fitzpatrick
Jessie Jenkins
Alex Langbridge
Daniel Langbridge
Lincoln Little
Tom McTaggart
Blake Potts
Bayley Ritchie
Jarrad Rotumah
Liam Squires
Dylan Thompson
Mitchell Wilton

Coach: Karley Banks
Assistant: Joel Begnell
Assistant: Matt Richards
Manager: Sheralee Langbridge


Kallie Atkins
Samantha Atkins
Brittany Coe
Chloe Coe
Madison Crowe
Lily Goodchild
Brooke Goodhand
Chelsea Hindmarsh
Ainsley Hughes
Rachel Jeffs
Alex Kennedy
Taryn Love
Maddi Mitchell
Jess Potts
Amy Regal
Matiese Trisley

Coach: Jay Miller
Assistant: Natalie Little
Assistant: Erin Hardes


Kaya Ardita
Jeremy Belcher
Amber Cheney
Amy Dufour
Lachlan Fitzhenry
Owen Flaherty
Cody Frost
Kurt Grogan
Maddison Ingram
Jocelyn Kelleher
Jules Kirkpatrick
Jamie McSpadden
Luke Moffitt
Ryan Potts
Jack Smith
Lily Unterrheiner

Coach: Craig Harris
Assistant: Tom Taylor
Manager: Michelle Unterrheiner


Melissa Battersby
Joyce Chan
Jamie Cone
Sophie Crouch
Kate Foran
Louise Hawken
Kimberley King
Krystal Laughton
Erin Perini
Serena Prout
Nikki Robson
Teegan Rodgers
Anna Russell
Michelle Somers

Coach: Teegan Rodgers and Michelle Somers


Rebecca Austin
Luke Boulton
Mark Cecil
Drew Crowley
Rob Glanfield
Cameron Maxwell
Reece McKeon
Ashley Miller
Hayden Ryan-Hill
Ben Watts
Taya Wedesweiler
Amanda White
Amy White
Rob White
Timothy Wilson
Simone Wood

Coach: Rob White
Assistant: Geoff Simpson
Manager: Amanda White

MENS 40s – squad (one to be omitted)

Ifftak Ahmed
Scott Allan
Lindsay Brain
Wayne Hill
Chad Jackson
Ben McCarthy
Anthony McQueen
Steve Nichols
Tim Nichols
Jonathon Rossi
Lee Stevens
Alistaire Thompson
Andrew Tomlins
Darren Whitbourne
Nathan White
Adam Wright
David Caldwell

Coach: Lindsay Brain


Aylee Brain
Elizabeth Channon
Shelley Darcy
Nic Grose
Amanda Hollis
Kellie Johnston
Fiona Jones
Melissa Lidbury
Kelly Nicholas
Zoe Parish
Kerry Reynolds
Julie Robinson
Jacqui Simpson
Peta Stevens
Rochelle Stevens
Liberty Watters

Coach: Nic Grose

MENS 45s

Tim Allen
Michael Barker
Jeremy Burgess
Richard Chippendale
Shane Denley
Ian Doherty
Patrick Doyle
Kerry John Haines
Rod Johnson
Darren McSpadden
Calvin Mitchell
David Porter
Les Smith
Matthew Stanton
Jason Toby
Darren Wise

Coach: Darren McSpadden
Assistant: Jason Toby


Michelle Atkins
Judy Collins
Nicole Dickson
Janelle Frost
Doreen Kearney
Narelle Kidner
Mim Knight
Sue McGrath
Tracey McPherson
Mandy Moore
Jo O’Connell
Toni Payne
Shelly Rush-Nichols
Anne-Marie Shipman
Leanne West
Annette Zeman

Coach: Therese Black

MENS 50s

Peter Atkins
Richard Biltong
Steve Cave
Sean Cotter
Stephen Edwards
Andrew Fishlock
Jason Golding
Steve Hepburn
Michael Lennon
Neil Marshall
Drew McIntyre
Dean McManus
Terry O’Carroll
Martin Shiner
Matthew Tranter
Darren Wills

Coach: Steve Hepburn
Assistant: Neil Marshall

Any questions in relation to Hornets NTL teams can be emailed to us at

All player requests for feedback MUST BE MADE by contacting Hornets by email Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may players initiate discussion with coaching staff and/or selectors directly in relation to player selection/non-selection, or to request feedback from these individuals.

All player requests for feedback MUST BE lodged prior to 5pm Monday 30 November 2020.