Posted on Tuesday 20th August, 2019

Over the past twelve months the Hornets Board have been working hard to ensure that we have supported our members in every way possible, both on and off the field. This has included significant financial investment towards those representing our region at tournaments across the state and country, to reduce the financial burden of those playing our sport at a higher level.

At the 2019 National Touch League (NTL) Hornets committed over $22,000 worth of levy subsidies to players, with an additional $53,000 worth of subsidies for the 2019 NSW Junior Regional Championships (JRC) and over $12,000 worth of subsidies for those who will be attending the National Youth Championships (NYC), later this year. This equates to over $87,000 worth of player subsidies given out in under a twelve month period.

While we will continue to support players, where possible, the Hornet Board have agreed to introduce an eligibility criterion for those representing our region and wishing to take advantage of any future subsidy from Hornets.

To be eligible for a Hornets levy subsidy at any future NTL, JRC and/or NYC, a player must have actively participated in their respective Hornets regional tournament. Specifically;

  • NTL Players – must have participated in the most recent Hornets Championships prior to an NTL.
  • JRC/NYC Players – must have participated in the most recent Peter Wilson Memorial Championships (PWMC) and/or Don Green Western Junior Championships (DGWJC) prior to the JRC and NYC.

If a player is selected for a Hornets representative team, per the Hornets selection policy, but has not participated in their respective Hornets regional tournament, then that player will be ineligible to receive a player’s levy subsidy for the event/s in question.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Encourage participation at Hornets regional tournaments,
  2. Reward players who support our region financially through their participation at a Hornets tournament, and
  3. Remove the possibility of someone benefiting from income received by others within the wider membership who have participated in Hornets tournaments.

We do not believe it is reasonable to ask members that have supported our region through participation at Hornets regional tournaments, to have their money contributing towards a player that represent our region, but does not participate at a Hornets regional tournament like the vast majority of members across Hunter and Western NSW.

Please share this with your membership/networks and encourage those you know to participate in an upcoming Hornets tournament, knowing that your money will be put back into those who also support the same tournament and are lucky enough to represent our region.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team –


DOWNLOAD MEMO HERE: 20.08.2019 – MEMO – Future Hornets Levy Subsidies