Posted on Tuesday 8th February, 2022

Hunter Western Hornets wish to congratulate the following players who were successful in being selected into our 2022 Junior Regionals Squads. These squads were selected after a thorough selection process, which included assessment of eligible players at the Hornets Junior Selection Camp, and the Peter Wilson Memorial Championships.

Thanks to all players that showed interest this year. Due to this enormous number of nominees, Hornets Touch wish to advise that they are not able to provide specific feedback for individuals. Hornets recommend talking to your affiliate coaching staff for feedback.

All players selected in Junior Regionals Squads

Final selections will take place this Saturday the 12th February at Tarro Reserve (Anderson Drive Tarro), the home of the Beresfield Touch Association.

Players must complete the Acceptance into squad form before 9AM on Thursday February 10th.
Player Acceptance Form.

Arrival at 8:30am for sign on
18 girls
16 girls
16 boys
14 boys

Arrival at 10:30 for sign on
18 boys
12 boys
12 girls
14 girls

An email will also be sent to all squad members with instructions on accepting your position within the squad. This will be sent to the email that was linked to your expression of interest form. If you do not receive the email by 6pm on the 8th of February (please check your junk email) please contact

If you are unable to attend the trials (after completing the acceptance into squad form) you must complete the inability to trial with supporting documentation. Inability to trial form.

Hunter Western Hornets would again like to congratulate those who were successful in gaining selection into our 2022 Junior Regional Squads (listed in alphabetical order):


Ayden Collinson Wallsend
Byron Fitzsimmons Wallsend
Caleb-Xavier Mahe Doyalson
Cayden Norris Wallsend
Charlie Lovegrove Maitland
CJ Willingham Doyalson
Connor Mahoney Wallsend
Cruz Elers Wallsend
Finn Jones Nelson Bay
Harlem Lewis Scone
Harry Peters Nelson Bay
Hunter Zustovish Doyalson
Hunter McDermott Newcastle
Izaac Barber Wallsend
Kade Lawson Nelson Bay
Koby Skuthorpe Beresfield
Kruze Thompson Wallsend
Lawson Rowe Nelson Bay
Lewis Brown Scone
Nate Herring Central Coast
Nate Horsley Newcastle
Nate Chippendale Wallsend
Nate  Jackson Newcastle
Tyler Johnson Wallsend
Zeke Hey Wallsend


Abigail Nash Mudgee
Amelia Hancock Newcastle
Ava Maher Berkeley Vale 
Bondi Werner Central Coast
Bowey Manning Nelson Bay
Brodee Sunerton Maitland
Ella Dunkley Doyalson
Ella Turner Doyalson
Emme Porter Beresfield
Harper-Rose Walmsley Wallsend
Isabel King Mudgee
Isabella O’Brien Mudgee
Ivy Hagan Singleton
Izzie Milos Berkeley Vale 
Jarrah Young Newcastle
Kiarni Simon Beresfield
Layla Collins Scone
Lily Marlin Berkeley Vale 
Lola Comincioli Mudgee
Malia Moses-Kinkaid Nelson Bay
Meilana Tavita Mudgee
Molly Fitzhenry Newcastle
Myra Green Newcastle
Ngaire Jarmain Beresfield
Ruby Clegg Doyalson
Ruby Azar Mudgee
Ruby Wright Mudgee
Sophie Perini Mudgee


Amwar El-Kurdi Peninsula
Austen Flakus Peninsula
Ben Couperthwaite Beresfield
Brodie White Newcastle
Callum Elsley Maitland
Carter Mareko Doyalson
Chase Butler Maitland
Cody Field Maitland
Cooper Bissaker Doyalson
Cooper Chippendale Wallsend
Harry Lidbury Maitland
Jack Dean-Potaka Peninsula
Jayden Daley Wallsend
Jed Dorn Beresfield
Joseph Crouch Maitland
Kai Hodges Doyalson
Kingston Seuseu Doyalson
Kyan Gordan Beresfield
Louis Jones Maitland
Noah Carlson Maitland
Noah Flakus Peninsula
Owen  Knowles Doyalson
Rico Elers Maitland
Taj Little Maitland
Thomas Ryan Maitland
Tobi Olatande Nelson Bay
Tukia  Foti Moala Doyalson
Tulsyn McCulloch Doyalson
Tyler Graham Wallsend
Zaylen Ekepati Doyalson


Abbie Eagleton Doyalson
Amelia Carr Maitland
Amelia Nicholas Nelson Bay
Anika McCarthy Newcastle
Billie Backus Newcastle
Breanna Rawlins Nelson Bay
Bridie Richards Maitland
Brooklyn  McElevey- Hicks Wallsend
Charli Hardgrave Central Coast
Ella Tighe Newcastle
Ellazae Elers Newcastle
Eve Power Maitland
Evie Walkaden Central Coast
Jazmyn  Graham Doyalson
Kate Andrews Doyalson
Keira Callaghan Doyalson
Latesha West Newcastle
Lauren Trasler Central Coast
Lexi Manning Nelson Bay
Mackenzie Forbes-Abercrombie Newcastle
Meg McPhail Doyalson
Mikayla Ireland Newcastle
Olivia Booth Central Coast
Sarah Hyland Central Coast
Sienna Bottle Doyalson
Stella Hall Central Coast
Tyla Channells Central Coast


Bayley  Tranter Maitland
Brodie Alderdice Doyalson
Brody Dudgeon Newcastle
Cooper McKenzie Newcastle
Darcy Brown Nelson Bay
Dylan Kesby Central Coast
Jack Dransfield Peninsula
Jacob  McDermott Wallsend
Jai Callaghan Doyalson
Jaiden Jensen Central Coast
Jesse Walker Central Coast
Jordie Harris Newcastle
Joshua Muddle Doyalson
Jye Stone Newcastle
Kaihem Hunt Wallsend
Kyran Blair Newcastle
Layth Brain Newcastle
Logan O’Brien Central Coast
Nate Simpson Newcastle
Ryan Tukupua Doyalson
Samuel Flakus Peninsula
Sean  Bullen Peninsula
Travis Jackson Central Coast
Xavier Stewart Nelson Bay
Zahn McKay Central Coast


Alexis Eagleton Doyalson
Alice Mitchell Nelson Bay
Anabelle Ross Doyalson
Ava Murdoch Maitland
Ava Foster Nelson Bay
Aylah McCulloch Doyalson
Brandy Simpson Doyalson
Ella Knowles Doyalson
Ellie Stacey Maitland
Emmy Latter Maitland
Essence Alo Wallsend
Giulia Sklavos Newcastle
Grace Dabin Peninsula
Hope McIntosh- Walsh Doyalson
Isabella Rawlins Nelson Bay
Lucinda Watson Central Coast
Macey Cox Singleton
Mahlie Cashin Doyalson
Makenzi Nelson Scone
Millie Barnes Nelson Bay
Ngaria Gemmell Central Coast
Ryvrr-Lee Alo Wallsend
Sienna Montgomery Central Coast
Sienna Thomas Doyalson
Stevie Botham Wallsend
Summa Birmingham Doyalson
Tahni Beckett Maitland


Ashton Daley Wallsend
Bailey Hodges Doyalson
Charlie Walkaden Central Coast
Chris Lennon Central Coast
Connor Watson Doyalson
Declan  Richardson Central Coast
Harry Cash Doyalson
Hugh Doherty Nelson Bay
Jack Thomas Doyalson
Kieran Diamond Peninsula
Lauchlyn Spicer Wallsend
Liam Buckley Central Coast
Logan Aoake Newcastle
Riley  Jones Central Coast
Riley  Bourke Central Coast
Riley  Stacey Maitland
Sam  Mitchell Nelson Bay
Samual Orton Nelson Bay
Sebastian Plaister Central Coast
Taimana Elers Newcastle
Tobais Paterson Central Coast
Will Botham Wallsend
Will  Eagleton Doyalson
William Steele Central Coast
Zac Sun Doyalson


Abbey McKenzie Newcastle
Ava Healy Central Coast
Ava Simpson Newcastle
Bailee Pappas Newcastle
Charli Tranter Maitland
Chloe Beckett Maitland
Chloe  Allan Wallsend
Ella Madden Wallsend
Evie Jones Wallsend
Grace Baxter Nelson Bay
Holly Mulhearn Maitland
Holly Radburn Wallsend
Jemma Young Doyalson
Kate  Goodhand Central Coast
Lily Westerman Central Coast
Maddie McTaggart Wallsend
Madelyn Stevens Wallsend
Morgan Mannion Central Coast
Shay Newbery Doyalson
Sophie Murdoch Maitland
Sophie Wilson Wallsend
Stella Nichols Maitland
Tahneisha Walls Maitland
Tyla Brown Wallsend
Zali Chippendale Wallsend