Posted on Tuesday 29th March, 2022

The Hunter Western Hornets are excited to announce the final teams that will be representing the amazing Hornets Affiliate at the 2022 Junior Regionals.

All parents of successful players will receive an email on Monday February 28 with further information as well as a form to complete to accept their child’s position into their respective teams.
Congratulations to all of the successful players.
12 girls    
Emme Porter  
Kiarni Simon  
Ngaire Jarmain  
Brodee Sunerton  
Abigail Nash  
Lola Comincioli  
Meilana Tavita  
Ruby Wright  
Sophie Perini  
Bowey Manning  
Malia Moses-Kinkaid  
Jarrah Young  
Molly Fitzhenry  
Ivy Hagan  
14 Girls    
Sarah Hyland  
Tyla Channells  
Abbie Eagleton  
Keira Callaghan  
Meg McPhail  
Sienna Bottle  
Amelia Carr  
Eve Power  
Bridie Richards  
Breanna Rawlins  
Lexi Manning  
Anika McCarthy  
Ellazae Elers  
Latesha West  
16 Girls    
Ngaria Gemmell  
Sienna Montgomery  
Hope McIntosh- Walsh  
Anabelle Ross  
Mahlie Cashin  
Sienna Thomas  
Summa Birmingham  
Ella Knowles  
Alice Mitchell  
Ava Foster  
Isabella Rawlins  
Giulia Sklavos  
Grace Dabin  
Stevie Botham  
18 Girls    
Morgan Mannion  
Kate  Goodhand  
Sophie Murdoch  
Grace Baxter  
Ava Simpson  
Bailee Pappas  
Tyla Brown  
Zali Chippendale  
Maddie McTaggart  
Evie Jones  
Madelyn Stevens  
Ella Madden  
Chloe  Allan  
Sophie Wilson  
12 Boys    
Koby Skuthorpe  
Hunter Zustovish  
Caleb-Xavier Mahe  
Lawson Rowe  
Zeke Hey  
Nate Horsey  
Lewis Brown  
Connor Mahoney  
Cruz Elers  
Izaac Barber  
Kruze Thompson  
Ayden Collinson  
Tyler Johnson  
Byron Fitzsimmons  
14 Boys    
Carter Mareko  
Cooper Bissaker  
Kai Hodges  
Owen  Knowles  
Tulsyn McCulloch  
Zaylon Ekepati  
Callum Elsley  
Chase Butler  
Harry Lidbury  
Lewis Jones  
Noah Carlson  
Taj Little  
Thomas Ryan  
Amwar El-Kurdi  
16 boys    
Dylan Kesby  
Jaiden Jensen  
Jesse Walker  
Logan O’Brien  
Travis Jackson  
Zahn McKay  
Jai Callaghan  
Bayley  Tranter  
Darcy Brown  
Jye Stone  
Kyran Blair  
Layth Brain  
Nate Simpson  
Jack Dransfield  
18 Boys    
William Steele  
Sebastian Plaister  
Chris Lennon  
Tobais Paterson  
Charlie Walkaden  
Will  Eagleton  
Bailey Hodges  
Harry Cash  
Sam  Mitchell  
Hugh Doherty  
Taimana Elers  
Kieran Diamond  
Riley  Stacey  
Wil  Botham