Posted on Tuesday 4th February, 2020

Hunter Western Hornets would like to congratulate all players who have been selected into our 2020 Hornets Junior Regional squads.

An email will be sent to the parent/guardian of all players selected in our squads, with information about the upcoming final selection trial on Sunday 1 March 2020 and how to confirm your child’s attendance to this trial.

For any parent/guardian of a player who has missed out on squad selection, that would like to get player feedback, please complete the following online form –

Please see our 2020 Hunter Western Hornets Junior Regional squads below and note that these lists are squads only, and are subject to change.


Brady Mackay Doyalson
Carter Mareko Doyalson
Cooper Bissaker Doyalson
Kai Hodges Doyalson
Kingston Seuseu Doyalson
Owen Knowles Doyalson
Zaylen Ekepati Doyalson
Callum Elsley Maitland
Chase Butler Maitland
Harry Lidbury Maitland
Kaden Weller Maitland
Ryder Weidemann Maitland
Taj Little Maitland
Thomas Ryan Maitland
Brody White Newcastle City
Chase Firman Newcastle City
Ethan Hughes Newcastle City
Harry Fleming Newcastle City
Kynan Lascelles Newcastle City
Lachlan Ivin Newcastle City
Harry Miller Orange
Lochie Bohringer Orange
Nicholas Chopping Orange
Ravai Tulevu Orange
Samuel Hill Orange
Taj Jordan Orange
Baxter Best Peninsula
Kai Baker Singleton
Baxter Keats Wallsend
Brock Morrow Wallsend
Rico Elers Wallsend
Tyler Graham Wallsend


Evie Walkaden Central Coast
Kirra Hodge Central Coast
Olivia Booth Central Coast
Sarah Hyland Central Coast
Abbie Eagleton Doyalson
Keira Callaghan Doyalson
Meg McPhail Doyalson
Milan Brakell Doyalson
Rylee Cash Doyalson
Shaleah Watson Doyalson
Sienna Bottle Doyalson
Amelia Carr Maitland
Breanna Rawlins Nelson Bay
Milla Gainsford Nelson Bay
Zara Shaw Nelson Bay
Anika McCarthy Newcastle City
Bronte Bowker Newcastle City
Ella Horsey Newcastle City
Ellazae Elers Newcastle City
Latesha West Newcastle City
Mikayla Ireland Newcastle City
Jayanna Dixon Orange
Lucy Martin Orange
Miah Naden Orange
Lara Butler Peninsula
Tasha Reid Peninsula
Ayla Stevens Wallsend
Brooklyn McElevey-Hicks Wallsend
Rosie Martin Wallsend


Brooklyn Rosemeyer Central Coast
Jaiden Jensen Central Coast
Jake Dixon Central Coast
Jesse Walker Central Coast
Kobi Rodrigues Central Coast
Logan O’Brien Central Coast
Riley Post Central Coast
Zahn McKay Central Coast
Cooper Tippett Doyalson
Harper Allsop Doyalson
Isaac Fotu-Moala Doyalson
Jai Callaghan Doyalson
Ryan Tukapua Doyalson
Jack Thompson Maitland
Brodie Dudgeon Newcastle City
Ethan Jarmain Newcastle City
Jack Dean Orange
Nate Davis Orange
Zeik Selwood Orange
Bailey Sigsworth Peninsula
Samuel Flakus Peninsula
Sean Bullen Peninsula
Jack Foley Scone
Jackson Smith Scone
Sam Carr Scone
Tamati Edwards Singleton
Wiremu Edwards Singleton
Kaihem Hunt Wallsend


Charlotte Rousell Central Coast
Ngaria Gemmell Central Coast
Brandy Simpson Doyalson
Ella Knowles Doyalson
Kleo Lawson Doyalson
Sienna Thomas Doyalson
Mia Chapman Maitland
Alice Mitchell Nelson Bay
Ava Forster Nelson Bay
Kiara Debono Nelson Bay
Taylor Smith Nelson Bay
Giulia Sklavos Newcastle City
Sarah McIlwain Newcastle City
Taylah Morgan Newcastle City
Annabel Harrison Orange
Ava Cole Orange
Demi Owens Orange
Freya Bryant Orange
Georgie Barrett Orange
Haylee Besant Orange
Lilly Clarke Orange
Mya Simmons Orange
Paige Bohringer Orange
Tory Nelson Peninsula
Chelsea Chesworth Singleton
Stevie Botham Wallsend


Charlie Walkaden Central Coast
Jarrod Dann Central Coast
Riley Burke Central Coast
Sebastian Plaister Central Coast
Tobias Paterson Central Coast
William Steele Central Coast
Bailey Hodges Doyalson
William Eagleton Doyalson
Zac Sun Doyalson
Hudson Brown Mudgee 18s
Alex Howarth Nelson Bay
Hugh Doherty Nelson Bay
Samual Orton Nelson Bay
Jarrod Hepburn Newcastle City
Kaiden Dann Newcastle City
Kynan Toomey Newcastle City
Logan Aoake Newcastle City
Taimana Elers Newcastle City
Angus Staniforth Orange
Lachlan Lawson Orange
Mack Selwood Orange
Max Wilson Orange
Tyrone Dorrel Peninsula
Ashton Daley Wallsend
Bailey Scholes Wallsend
Isaac Fairhurst Wallsend
Lauchlyn Spicer Wallsend
Wil Botham Wallsend


Eliza Schramm Berekeley Vale
Chelsey Ellis Beresfield 18s
Caisha Shorrock Central Coast
Ella Carlisle Central Coast
Kate Goodhand Central Coast
Mia Barber Central Coast
Mia Jones Central Coast
Morgan Mannion Central Coast
Zali Fulton Central Coast
Shay Newbery Doyalson
Sophie Murdoch Maitland
Emily Chapman Muswellbrook 18s
Jessica Foreman Muswellbrook 18s
Kyah Johnston Muswellbrook 18s
Lara Hedley Muswellbrook 18s
Leah Ollerton Muswellbrook 18s
Meg Haylen Muswellbrook 18s
Tyla Brown Muswellbrook 18s
Alannah Byfield Nelson Bay
Ellie James Nelson Bay
Emma Dawson Nelson Bay
Estelle Nicholas Nelson Bay
Grace Baxter Nelson Bay
Isabelle O’Connor Nelson Bay
Jade Ballard Nelson Bay
Jesse Southwell Nelson Bay
Remi Olatunde Nelson Bay
Taleah Dodd Nelson Bay
Bailee Pappas Newcastle City
Jaymie Kinder Newcastle City
Jillarnie Ahoy Newcastle City
Luchia Burgess Newcastle City
Caitlin Prestwidge Orange
Hailey Prestwidge Orange
Hope Gibson Orange
India Krause Orange
Josie Clarke Orange
Lily Booth Orange
Lucy Dean Orange
Rebecca Prestwidge Orange
Saige King Orange
Savannah Moore Orange
Violette Garrick Peninsula 18s
Chloe Allan Wallsend
Ella Madden Wallsend
Evie Jones Wallsend
Lily McNamara Wallsend
Maddison McTaggart Wallsend
Madelyn Stevens Wallsend
Sophie Wilson Wallsend
Sunny Mitchell Wallsend
Zali Chippendale Wallsend


Aidan Storrie Beresfield
Isiah Olson Beresfield
Jack Smith Beresfield
Mitchell Layton Beresfield
Molou Taufaao Beresfield
Tyler Moodie Beresfield
Craig Steele Central Coast
Hemi Knebel Central Coast
Jackson Quinell Central Coast
Joshua Woutersz Central Coast
Kane Coghlan Central Coast
Kaya Ardita Central Coast
Luke Moffitt Central Coast
Nathan Holt Central Coast
Owen Flaherty Central Coast
Brock McLean Doyalson
Max Darcy Doyalson
Zachary Ison Doyalson
Kai Offen Nelson Bay
Noah Connick Nelson Bay
Bayley Caruso Newcastle City
Jaylan Haines Newcastle City
Lachlan Fitzhenry Newcastle City
Macauley Aoake Newcastle City
Tyrone Nean Newcastle City
Jack Cole Orange
Jacob French Orange
Matt Dawson Orange
Mitchell Watts Orange
Campbell Harris Singleton


Rhiarna Thompson Beresfield
Bridie Boland Central Coast
Brooke Goodhand Central Coast
Emily Kirby Central Coast
Erin Watson Central Coast
Grace Farmilo Central Coast
Tasmin Hill Central Coast
Ella Gidney Maitland
Zali Yeo Mudgee
Alyssa Coggan Nelson Bay
Andi Law Nelson Bay
Bellah Pipe Nelson Bay
Emily Freeman Nelson Bay
Erin Clark Nelson Bay
Jacinda Lei Summers Nelson Bay
Jade Astorini Nelson Bay
Maddison Mitchell Nelson Bay
Tara Helly Nelson Bay
Ally Kaufman Orange
Lara Clarke Orange
Charlize Lloyd-Phillips Peninsula
Jessica Sawyer Peninsula
Meghan Cassidy Peninsula
Alkira Johnston Wallsend
Caitlan Warren Wallsend
Emma Hopkins Wallsend
Jules Kirkpatrick Wallsend
Kyah Watters Wallsend
Matilda Jones Wallsend
Sophie Clancy Wallsend