Posted on Thursday 24th October, 2019

Hornets Touch are excited to confirm that representative trials for the 2020 NTL will take place for all open and senior divisions. 


WHEN: Saturday 2 November 2019

WHERE: Newcastle City TA Playing Fields (294 Turton Rd, New Lambton NSW 2304)

TIMES: Various

ATTIRE: Please wear your affiliate rep uniform/jersey with number. 


9:45am Sign on MO, WO, M30, W30, M40, W40, W45
10am-11:30am TRIALS MO (F1), WO (F5), M30s & M40s (F2) W30s (F3) W40s & W45s (F4)
11:30am – 12noon MO & WO Selection finalisation
11:45am Sign on MXO, MX30, MX40 
12noon TRIALS MXO (F1), MX30 (F3), MX40 (F5)
12:15pm SIGN ON  M45, M50, M55, M60
12:30 -2PM TRIALS M45 (F1), M50 (F2), M55 (F3), M60 (F4)
2PM ONWARDS Selection finalisation  and ratification



Trials for senior divisions are open to all eligible players within the Hornets region, and consist of the following divisions:

– Mens 30’s 
– Mens 40’s 
– Mens 45’s 
– Mens 50’s 
– Mens 55’s 
– Mens 60’s 

– Womens 30’s 
– Womens 40’s 
– Womens 45’s 

– Mixed 30’s 
– Mixed 40’s 

– All Abilities [Open/Inclusion] 
– Specialised [Open/Inclusion] 


*Please note: This excludes the Mens Open, Womens Open and Mixed Open divisions, as this is for quad members only. 

For all other (senior) divisions this is a ‘Open Trial’ – meaning you can turn up on the day to trial. 

If you are unable to attend the trial day but would still like to be considered, register first using the above link and then save and complete the Inability To Trial Form and return the completed form.




Hornets Touch wish to congratulate those players who have been appointed to our NTL Squads. 

Hornets selectors had a massive task to look at all players who competed at the eligible events, and can confirm the below people are formally requested to attend the NTL Trials (details below).

If you are unable to attend the trial day but would still like to be considered, register first using the above link and then save and complete the Inability To Trial Form and return the completed form.


Mens Open Squad

Bayley Ritchie Beresfield
Conner Edwards Beresfield
Jack Smith Beresfield
Michael Dent Beresfield
Reeve Howard Beresfield
Byron Buckley Central Coast
Cody Frost Central Coast
Jarrod Raynor-Bodier Central Coast
Jeremy Belcher Central Coast
Josh Woutertz Central Coast
Kaya Ardita Central Coast
Lachlan Raynor-Bodier Central Coast
Luke Moffitt Central Coast
Alex Langbridge Doyalson
Clay Studdon Doyalson
Damee Kea Doyalson
Daniel Langbridge Doyalson
Dylan Thompson Doyalson
Jake Fitzpatrick Doyalson
Jarrod Rotumah Doyalson
Jessie Jenkins Doyalson
Josh Glachan Doyalson
Kurt Donoghue Doyalson
Lincoln Little Doyalson
Luke Simmons Doyalson
Max Darcy Doyalson
Mitchell Wilton Doyalson
Scott Bundy Doyalson
Tom Dafter Doyalson
Matt Dawson Nelson Bay
Noah Simpson Nelson Bay
Rhys French Nelson Bay
Blake Potts Newcastle
Lachlan Fitzhenery Newcastle
Liam Squires Newcastle
Macauley Aoake Newcastle
Matthew Atkins Newcastle
Ryan Potts Newcastle


Womens Open Squad

Lily Unterrheiner Beresfield
Brooke Goodhand Central Coast
Georgia  Corbett Central Coast
Milly Hughes Central Coast
Teearna Langbridge Doyalson
Andi Law Nelson Bay
Kiara Dixon Nelson Bay
Maddi Mitchell Nelson Bay
Alex Kennedy Newcastle
Amber Cheney Newcastle
Amy Dufour Newcastle
Angel Barber Newcastle
Brittany Coe Newcastle
Brooke Carroll Newcastle
Chelsea Hindmarsh Newcastle
Chloe Coe Newcastle
Jessica Potts Newcastle
Kallie Atkins Newcastle
Lily Goodchild Newcastle
Maddie McManus Newcastle
Rachel Jeffs Newcastle
Sam Atkins Newcastle
Sian Filipo Newcastle
Tazmyne Luschwitz Newcastle


Mixed Open Squad

Alexis Jeffs Beresfield
Ashlee Urpeth Beresfield
Victoria Aoake Beresfield
Liz Bauer Central Coast
Emma Singleton Doyalson
Jocelyn Kelleher Doyalson
Elizabeth Skillen Maitland
Isabella Mattson Maitland
Laura Palombini Maitland
Martin Roberts Maitland
Abbey Malsem Nelson Bay
Alyssa Coggan Nelson Bay
Bellah Pipe Nelson Bay
Brandon Moore Nelson Bay
Danielle Burcher Nelson Bay
Joshua Davis Nelson Bay
Todd Edmund Nelson Bay
Verdehl Antonio Nelson Bay
Ben Bradley Newcastle
Brett Botham Newcastle
Josh Unterrheinner Newcastle
Ryan Moore Orange
Mitchell Richardson Peninsula
Saleem Saraldyn Peninsula
Alicia Martin Wallsend
Caitlan Shoulders Wallsend
Georgia Marshall Wallsend
Harry West Wallsend
Jess Golding Wallsend
Jules Kirkpatrick Wallsend
Kurt Grogan Wallsend
Kyah Waters Wallsend
Maddison Ingram Wallsend
Rhiannon Chivers Wallsend
Sandon Gibbs O’Neil Wallsend
Sophie Wilson Wallsend
Taylah Baker Wallsend
Jamie McSpadden Wallsend